About 3DPHK

3DPHK 是本地3D打印的一個品牌,除了為本地及海外用家提供優質3D打印機和不同打印物料外,更會提供技術上的各種支援,和不同的業界保持緊密合作,分享最新的資訊和技術 。除此之外,我們會定時分享各種打印物料的測試效果。
3DPHK is a local brand of 3D printing. We provide high quality local and overseas 3D printers and print materials with different brands. We also provide a variety of technical support as well as maintain cooperation with different industries to share the latest information and technologies; we will regularly share the test results of various print materials.
To encourage your interest in 3D printing. We open our platform for 3D printing lovers. Welcome you to share your works and experience in here. To constantly develop new technology! To constantly extend new activities! To constantly develop more new creative space! Is the motto of our team! We are happy to hear your comments and become your future partner.