3dp-CR-10S Pro V2 3D 印表機,具備BL 觸控和靜音主機板,500W Meanwell 電源供應器和 Bondtech 擠出機齒輪,尺寸:300mmx300mmx400mm

3D Printer 3DP-10S PRO

  • Upgraded version of 3DP -CR10S
  • With 300*300*400mm large printing size
  • Matrix automatic leveling, easy leveling with both automatic leveling and auxiliary leveling modes
  • Resume printing function, restart and continue printing, realizing long-time print (the printing model will not be affected)
  • Double gear extrusion mechanism, has a large extrusion to make sure feeding smoothly
  • High precision printing
  • 4.3 inch Colorful touch screen, status display, function display, parameters all setting are clear to check
  • Filament  detection, transparent filament can also be detected, auto shut down while runnig out of the filament
  • V2.4.1 Motherboard, four-layer PCB board, TMC ultra-quiet drive 256 subdivision, print more precision
  • With high quality teflon tube, high temperature resistant makes the feeding smoother, but improves the printing quality
  • Quickly heating up to 110°C, only needs 5 minutes
  • 500W Brand power supply, realizing stable printing, which can use 100V-240V, no need to adjust

3DP-10s pro